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Baby Pack

It’s hard to visit historical places or climbing stairs with regular baby strollers. They are heavy and it’s hard to fold them. babypack is a portable baby stroller which can be transformed to a backpack easily

İt offers a baby stroller which can easily transform to a backpack in seconds without any other person. Parents can carry their baby and their backpack while walking and when they find a flat road, they can transform their backpack to baby stroller and can continue their way. When they use their baby stroller, they can transform it to a backpack and get on a taxi ( or bus, plane, boat, climbing stairs etc.)

The stroller includes two parts as Backpack and Kangaroo part. When you pull the handle from backpack, it thansforms automaticly to a baby stroller by opening its own wheels mechanism. Then you can take off the kangaroo part with baby. The kangaroo protects baby and it has an ergonomic shape for maximum confort for both parents and babies. You can attach kangaroo part with baby by using its own lock system ins econd and you can lock security belts. After that you can use it as a regular baby stroller on the road.


Self work - Open to sell



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